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Registered Charity Number 1024884

The National Animal Sanctuaries Support League is a charity dedicated to the welfare of domestic animals and rescuing and rehoming. In addition to our main sanctuary facility we are developing an expanding network of foster homes throughout the UK. As the term ‘Support League’ implies we aid other sanctuaries and individuals wishing to start animal welfare groups.

We have groups and representatives throughout the UK.

Kind responsible homes required for Dogs, Cats, Kittens and Rabbits. Our rescued animals are spayed/ neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped prior to re homing. They are also health checked by our vet before handover. A home visit is required. For information on the animals we have for re homing please contact our re homing officer on 01325 321855 or Mobile 07748 268822.


That is possible for one unsprayed female cat to be responsible for 20,000 kittens in just five years! Both a queen cat and a tomcat can both be neutered between 5 and 6 months old. An unsprayed cat can come into season four times in a year and can have a litter of kittens at just six months. Spayed and neutered cats make much better pets. They can become more home loving and less likely to wander. Neutered tomcats are also less likely to fight or to spray. If you are on a low income you could be eligible for help with the cost. Please contact us and we will advise you on the financial help you may be eligible for. Tel: 01325 321855


Has your dog been microchipped? Does he carry an identity disc on his collar given reference to you the owner? Have you had your dog neutered, your bitch spayed? If the answer is yes to these questions you are a responsible dog owner If the answer is no to the above think about it. If your dog gets lost & is wearing an identity disc or has been microchipped, you are more likely to get him or her back. In fact, the law requires your dog to carry identification on his collar, you face being fined if you do not comply. One of the kindest things you can do for your dog is to have him/her neutered. This prevents unwanted litters and unnecessary suffering. No matter how careful we are in making sure our pets ‘do not get out’ accidents do happen. Every year thousands of puppies are put to sleep because of one moment’s lapse by owners. Having your pet neutered can make for a more contented dog & can help to prevent health problems, as they get older. Your vet will advise you.