NASSL very often get involved in the neutering of colonies of feral cats. Our latest campaign
was the neutering of a colony 70 strong. Their ages ranged from 5 week old kittens up to mature adults.
Once caught they were all tested, neutered and m/chiped, The location they were situated in was not safe
for them to return. The kittens and young adults were placed in foster homes to bring them round to
the point they were they could be rehomed. The adults were relocated onto small holding, stables
and farms. They were homed in pairs or in some cases four or five went to together with a
guarantee they would be fed everyday. If a feral colony, after neutering, can be returned to their environment,
we will put them back, as long as there are no known dangers and they are fed everyday, either by us or volunteers.
NASSL will also provide wind and water tight beds for them if there is a need. A feral cat can live a decent life outside
as long as they neutered, are being fed and have somewhere to get out of the elements. If you wish to donate to help us deal with
the rising number of feral cats go to our donate button. £30 pounds will neuter a tom cat and £40 pounds will spay a queen.
£25 pounds will provide a wind and water tight bed.