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Alternative Project

NASSL often receive calls from Women’s Refuges asking if we can hep with the short term accommodation of a family pet. When 1 in 4 people in their lifetime will suffer abuse and 1 in 4 people have a pet, there is a fair chance that women who may need to go into a refuge will have a pet that they do not want to leave behind. The Women’s Refuge, whilst doing a wonderful job and meeting the needs of the family, do not have provision for animals.

In our experience the refuge is very sensitive to the fact that the family pet is very important, especially to the children, who, by the very nature of them being in a refuge are fractured to start with. Ensuring their dog, cat or even rabbit is being taken care of and will be returned to them in the future can, we believe, help them enormously.

The service that we provide by taking care of the family pet until the family are settled again is free, unless the family are in a position to pay the cost of the animals keep, otherwise we do not charge. We will also step in if someone has a pet and is faced with homelessness and just needs a bit of time to sort the situation out.